Want to coach yourself to confidence? Here’s how..

Should you notice those ugly doubts showing up, imagine you (the clear-headed aspect of you) as the coach and the fearful part of you is the person you need to have a ‘serious’ chat with.

What would you say to someone you believed when they start doubting themselves? Have a ‘sit down’ with yourself and say those same things.

If for example, you are going for a job interview and you sense and feel doubts coming up, take a few moments for yourself, close your eyes, and coach yourself:

“Hey girl/guy, you can do this! It’s only natural to feel a bit anxious.. It’s OK. You’ve got all the relevant experience and qualifications! Now get in there and stop whinging! Even if you don’t get this job, you’re going to make me proud by giving it your best shot!”

Picture the decent, friendly, straight-talking coach in your mind.  Is it someone you know and trust and admire?  Speaking to yourself in these terms as if you were another person (in the privacy of your mind :-) can ramp up your confidence…quickly!

So, are you going to do it?  Have fun with this exercise and let me know how it unfolds..

Here’s to giving your confidence a BIG BOOST..

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  1. Teo said...

    Remember that they do not have a three hour trek for each load of washing, have dihwsashing machines, extra rooms to shut crying babies in and central heating… It is YOU who is the Mega Mother here! We all admire your devotion to your dream.

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