Visualize Optimal Health

Thought is the seed of action… Ralph Waldo Emerson

If you were assured that you would receive ten million dollars to follow instructions exactly, I have no doubt you would do it effortlessly and without thought. Why? Because you can see money in your mind quite clearly – you know what it is, you know what it can do for you and you know what money can buy. Even without it in front of you, you can see it clearly and envision all the benefits. This vision is so clear you are motivated to get into action.

When it comes to our health, unfortunately, we do not clearly see the benefits and hence we are not motivated to get into action.

Unless you clearly see and understand in your mind what it means, your actions towards health seem pointless. We have to understand the thoughts, and then action will come naturally.

Can you visualizing what it will feel like to be at your optimal health? You probably have not given it much thought. Thoughts that lead to behavior are imprinted by repetitive thought and action. Continuing to use money as an example, what money can do is ingrained in your thoughts all day as you use it and work for it. You have perhaps spent time imagining what it does. You buy a lotto ticket and you can see in your mind what that winning money could do.

This repetitive thinking makes it so easy for money to act as a motivator to action.

I would suggest we now think seriously and realize that without health, money does not matter. Health, as Dr Carlos says, is worth more and is vital to everything else. We may not feel unhealthy today or we can’t imagine the benefits of feeling better. The result is we don’t realize the importance of our daily, small health decisions.

A cigarette smoker could not smoke if they could see clearly in their mind how each puff contributes to dying a slow painful death of cancer. We don’t see it or feel it as we smoke and therefore it does not motivate us to stop. We do not see the food we eat as harmful, and we don’t think about or envision how it is affecting us. We seem to get by without exercise and many other unhealthy choices we make.

The truth is most of us have no idea what it feels like to live in a state of optimal health. If you knew, you would be incredibly motivated, because it feels better than anything. If you knew in each moment what the choices you make towards your health will do to you long term, you would be motivated to make better health choices.

How can you be motivated if you can’t see what your action will produce for you? Our behaviour is motivated by results that we see. We don’t see negative health behaviour as having immediate effect and so we are not motivated to change our behaviours.

Action step is to develop a vision of what your optimal health would be like. See your energy level, your body, your skin, your smile, your attitude, graceful movements, strength, walk, shiny hair. See it today and see it as you grow older. Play a movie in your mind of you enjoying in optimal health throughout your life and really see what that looks like. Play it over and over again as many times as you can throughout the day. Get that picture in your mind, and it will lead to action. If you can see the actions you take every day as part of the bigger picture then it means something. Then you get motivated…

As you go through your day making health-related choices, incorporate your vision to influence your decisions. Ask yourself if your actions have a positive influence over your health.

SEE IT * BELIEVE IT * DO IT * ACHIEVE IT – Your Optimal Health…

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