This could CHANGE YOUR LIFE: Unleash Your Mind Power for FREE!

The Hypnosis World Summit is a 10-day FREE international virtual conference (audio online event) beginning May 4, 2010. The Summit features the world’s leading inspirational experts and teachers of self-hypnosis and power of the mind.

Their purpose is to help thousands of people around the world understand how to connect, through the POWER of SELF-HYPNOSIS, with the wealth, health and inspired life they deserve. Over 20 of these top inspirational leaders have joined forces to awaken thousands to their transformational systems and presentations.

The Hypnosis World Summit is an online audio event that you can ATTEND FOR FREE while it is live for a 24 hour period. For ten days, the attendees are introduced to a self-hypnosis presentation and techniques dealing with specific goals including . . .

  • Getting RELIEF from PHYSICAL PAIN and discomfort
  • Controlling ADDICTIONS – ALCOHOL, DRUGS, GAMBLING and more
  • Use Self Hypnosis for PAIN MANAGEMENT
  • REMOVE FEARS that have stalled your life
  • How to open the door to ATTRACT ABUNDANCE including MONEY
  • How color can influence your life and how to use it to
  • your advantage
  • Ways to manage your life more easily and relieve tension and stress
  • And much more…

This link will open you up to a whole new way of life –

Make it a great day, especially with these great resources.

PS: presentations will be available at NO COST for only the first 24 hours after each event so get on to it right away!

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