Will Tiger rise to Mesmer’s challenge at the Masters?

It is no secret that the best athletes of the world abide by a strict regime of grueling physical practice to be at their optimum. It is the sole belief in knowing that they have done everything to stand above the competition, even if it means digging a little deeper into the subconscious.

The best athletes often find themselves in situations requiring sustained periods of intense mental concentration and visualization. Tiger Woods is credited widely for using self-hypnotic triggers to instantly put himself into a fully concentrated state during his games. Dr. Brunza the world famous psychologist who has worked with Tiger on refining the mental aspects of his game may be the sole reason Tiger has “mesmerized” us over the years. Time will only tell if we see some of these similar techniques as Tiger overcomes his recent personal problems and returns to the Athletic spotlight April 8 in the upcoming 2010 Masters Tournament.

Personal turmoil and judgments aside, Tiger has made the conscious choice to improve his given circumstance. Haven’t we all made the decision at some point to better ourselves only to “fall off the wagon” weeks or even days later? Whether it is as simple as losing a few pounds, or kicking a nicotine habit, Hypnosis can help individuals find positive goal sets to achieve those ever-illusive results we strive for.

See you at the Masters…

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