Doing the 8-step Core belief process will bring you relief…try it!

Jan 25, 2010:

I had the honour of listening to Marc Allen’s (Publisher of Shakti Gawain’s books including bestseller, Creative Visualization) interview with Will Edwards the other day…coincidentally during a time I, myself, felt a bit zapped of energy.

He suggested doing the 8-step Core Belief process; no sooner did I complete it, I felt relief and a surge of positive energy flow through my body…it was wonderful to get back to my usual energetic positive self!

I highly recommend you give it a try….here are the 8 steps:

  1. What is the problem?
    A. I have conflicting core beliefs surrounding money or I am bankrupt. Near bankruptcy was Marc’s challenge at the time and he further went on to mention that he was subconsciously programming himself to be bankrupt with repeated thoughts surrounding that issue..
  2. What are you feeling?
    A. Uptight or anxious or stressed.. or perhaps nauseous and fearful. (Get a sense of what is happening in the body)
  3. What am I thinking? What thoughts are going through my mind?
    A. I am a fool with money…or I don’t understand the money game; I don’t understand the tax system and how to save money..
  4. What is the worst thing that can happen?
    A. I will end up being a bum on the streets…or I will lose my credit rating…or I will have to share accomodation to make ends meet..
  5. What’s an even worse scenerio?
    A. I may have to declare bankruptcy, sell my house or rent a very tiny room in an awful neighbourhood or live on the streets under a bridge!
  6. What’s the best thing that could happen?
    A. Marc’s answers were he could find a publisher to publish his books and earn twice as much…I invite you to write out a whole string of possibilities…I sure did! Mine are earning large obscene sums of money by serving people who wish to get off addictions and educating people on the benefits of the Sunrider whole foods. My answer certainly included meeting and marrying my soul-mate!
  7. What deep belief is preventing me from having a life of abundance?
    A. I am a fool with money or I am not smart enough to learn about money. Mine was: I am too old to be in a romantic relationship with a wonderful man who will love and cherish me and want to be married to be and not smart enough to be wealthy.
  8. What affirmation will I use?
    A. I am sensible and in control of my finances. Mine: I am highly intelligent…I help change people’s lives.
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