Raving Reviews from happy clients..

Quit Smoking in ONE Session!

I hated being who I had become, I smoked nearly 30 cigarettes a day for 18 years. I smoked doing everything and I thought that I would never quit. I was terrified of quitting and feeling sick from withdrawals and having to deal with all the horrible things associated with quitting smoking. My Aunt told me how she had quit using hypnosis and I was intrigued… I had never tried to quit before I went for my session with Jackie. The Session was relaxed and very nice, in fact I didn’t even feel like I was under hypnosis it was just me laying back relaxing. But what was amazing was when I woke from my ‘sleep-like’ state I was a non smoker and I will never smoke again. It is quite incredible…I truly call it a miracle and I thank you again Jackie.

John Ferguson, May 2008, Langley

Stopped Nail Biting... in a single session!

Five weeks after a single session, I still haven’t bitten my nails and feel none of the vague nervous tension I used to sometimes notice during a nail nibbling episode. I wouldn’t believe this could be possible if it weren’t for the 10 beautiful long and strong nails at the tips of my fingers as daily evidence.

Sian Pairaudeau

2 Pack a Day smoker for 35 years QUIT SMOKING IN ONE SESSION

Testimonial - Laura Hoorweg

Laura Hoorweg, Vancouver, Canada

Free from Smokes in a single session..!

Good afternoon Jackie,

I am still not It has been since Wednesday March 26. I have strong cravings for them but I am not smoking. I eat lots of fruit and drink lots of water. I found I don’t drink nearly as much coffee as I use to. Thank you very much. Once I have completely stopped smoking and the urges are no longer there I would like to come and see you for the emotional Challenges. My niece Annette is still not smoking. We would like to thank you.

I look forward to future dealings. Have a wonderful day.

Evelyn Prefontaine

70+ young Cynthia Quits Smoking

Testimonial - Cynthia H

Cynthia H, Alberta, Canada, 2019

25 Year Old Using Cocaine, Marijuana, Tobacco, Alcohol, Biting Nails, Cravings for Junk Food for Over 10 Years

The road to recovery is not direct, nor is it a single pathway. And because recovery is a phase of addiction, its journey spans a lifetime. These are things my son taught me.

My son began to work with Jackie, following multiple recovery programs; residential, counselling, groups, both here at home and in other provinces. I believe he worked hard in those programs and got the most out of them that he could for where he was in his journey with drugs and with life. My sense is that it was his inability to quit drugs that made him open to the possibilities that hypnotherapy offered. He committed to the process with all his might.

Within a couple of sessions, my son smoked his last cigarette. This was encouraging; he had been a smoker since his early teens. I was impressed and he was amazed.

Jackie also advocated a whole food program, and I took on the food preparation and ensured that it was followed completely. It quickly became a routine, and I was happy to have a way to contribute support. He and I took a short a walk together each day before work, and he began going to gym daily.

He had good success staying away from drugs while working with Jackie. And nearing the end of the second month, the changes in his confidence and outlook were pronounced.

He had conquered an annoying nail-biting habit, as well as cravings for fast food. It was obvious that he looked and felt better.

As the sessions drew to a close, he resumed 1:1 counselling and joined a weekly group session. And then a series of very frightening relapses occurred. It was the most intense and terrifying time of my life. It seemed as though the severity of the relapse was directly tied to the amount of progress he had achieved through hypnotherapy. And on the other side of a terrifying few months, he somehow landed on his feet, stronger than ever.

I wish I could say that hypnotherapy was a magic button that ended all his problems and his drug addiction. There is no such thing. But what I do know is that the building blocks that hypnotherapy assisted him in putting in place were holistic, enduring, and foundational to the recovery he has achieved.

If addiction was just about stopping using drugs or alcohol, etc. it might be easier to overcome. It takes amazing strength to admit powerlessness over an addictive substance; a process that AA has helped my son do. He attends AA regularly and no doubt will be a member for many years to come.

But what hypnotherapy did that no other treatment or therapy was able to do, was rebuild who he is ~ to help him regain the strength, the ability to focus, establish the core of who he is and what is important to him.

Facing my own fear and sorrow about having a son addicted to crack cocaine is the biggest challenge I have had to face in my life. Jackie’s hypnotherapy program has been the biggest blessing. I believe with confidence that her work positively changed the trajectory of my son’s life when nothing else could.

Jackie not only changed my son’s beliefs about himself, she changed mine.

My son will be 26 years old next month. But more importantly, today marks 1 year of being drug free.

S.C. (Mother of 26 year old client) Langley, 2006


Testimonial - Bryce E

Bryce E, Vancouver, Canada 2016


Before I met Jackie, I struggled with the fear of not having enough money, fear of the future and the story that I alone could not provide for all of my needs of my own resources. I held on to old family patterns and 'stories' that for lack of a better word, really disempowered me. In short I had a ‘money story’. A money story that really disempowered me for decades!

I felt stuck in several areas. I was stuck in the belief there wouldn’t be enough, or if there was enough it would not last. I was stuck in the belief that I, by myself, could ever meet my own needs. I was not able to acknowledge what a fantastic money collector I am. Jackie helped me unravel what it means to make money. Maybe I don’t “make” a lot of money but I sure as hell seem capable of collecting large sums of money.

This was the existence of my life for my entire life.

Fast forward to meeting and making a choice to work with Jackie.

Jackie answered all my questions and put me at ease.

She has the capacity to hold up a mirror so I could see where I was disempowering myself. She helped me look at things from a different perspective. A perspective and life I could enjoy that I didn’t know existed.

With Jackie’s facilitation, I am so much calmer. It feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

She helped me impress these new, empowering beliefs in my mind.

A huge trigger of fear for me is when my ex husband falters and is not able to pay his child support and alimony. I immediately went into the story that my house would be taken and my children and I would be destitute. However now when that issue comes forward – that he cant or wont participate – the fear feels very small and very far away. Almost like itis not even real. I have been moved to a place of neutrality as it were.

I feel light and free in my body…and for the first time walk through my day with no fear of tomorrow.

Not only that, my children are happier. We are more engaged as a family and are there for each other.

I am so grateful I can now create a fun, fascinating life I deserve.

Heather Dann, New Mexico, United States Jan 2019

Quit Smoking in ONE session after 25 years!

I was 14 yrs old when I started smoking regularly, I had tried smoking many times with my older siblings in my younger years. I called myself a natural born smoker as my mom smoked when I was in her tummy, breast feeding, and brought into a world surrounded with smokers, grandparents, aunts, uncles and parents . At 40 yrs old a whole decade older than I had promised myself I would quit , 90 % of the cigarettes I smoked I still very much enjoyed, I really did like smoking. BUT…from the day I started there was a voice inside me that said NO, and I always felt that I was betraying myself by doing so. Half way thru my 40th year I started to become very aware of the effects cigarettes were having on my lungs. I would lay down at night and hear my chest heave and wheeze. When I would wake up the first hour of my day was spent coughing, my laugh usually turned into a raspy cough and once while quite physically exerted panic struck when I felt I couldn’t catch my breath. The doctors said I should do a breathing test, suggested a puffer and mentioned early C.O.P.D.

Well only 40 yrs olds, what was this going to look like at 50. At random I met a lady who told me she hadn’t smoked a cigarette in 6 yrs and passed on Jackie’s name and info. Only 3 weeks later the night before my meeting with Jackie physically ready, emotionally terrified ,I had no idea what to expect but I thought I had nothing to lose.

I don’t know how else to explain what happened except to say it was a miracle . A shiny magic button that was pushed and took smoking out of my life. Two hours with Jackie and her teachings and emotional support I have been smoke free for 5 months... Awesome



Hi to all that read this.

I was introduced to Jackie Irene Maclean, in an online course.

My body knew that Jackie and her process could unlock and contribute to a new lifestyle I was keen to create.

We worked with weekly calls, using Hypnotherapy as the modality. WoW the relaxation and the potency of her and the process are amazing.

I really desired to shift tracks, in my language I have been on Track A .. which is destructive and heavy energy.

Track B .. which is light, fun and full of possibilities.

I use alcohol to stay in the heavy destructive track A..

It’s never the about the substance.. Jackie helped me see that and gave me daily tools to use and some sensational techniques.. which on a side bar..I use when I’m running, which I have started again after a couple of years of not running.. I am present within a heartbeat..

It’s been a few months since Jackie and I played with this new TRACK B. At times, I can default to track A.. I immediately know I’m there and ask a question and choose differently.

I call myself MIP ( More is possible) ..

More of me is showing up more often. I’m loving the journey.. choosing and creating MORE..

Wendy Schober, Australia, November 2018

Deep sadness at sudden death of husband

For what seemed like far too long, I felt stuck in several areas: I had been struggling with creating lasting change with my body and could not seem to shed the excess weight that had plagued me for years; I experienced deep sadness at the sudden loss of my husband; I was struggling with creating a new life in a new city and with finding employment there that fulfilled me; I had trouble creating beyond old family patterns and stories that truly disempowered me; and I seemed to sabotage myself in finding a new soulmate.

I was searching for help and growth beyond the struggle I was experiencing. Although I was making changes and headways through other modalities, I wanted to jump-start what I had started.

I was introduced to Jackie and made the choice to work with her. I looked forward to all my sessions with Jackie! She answered my questions, put me at ease, gave me a different perspective and helped me eliminate the hidden beliefs that were sticking me. Jackie has the awareness and capacity to hold a mirror up so I could see where I was disempowering myself. She gave me new perspectives and showed me ways to create beyond what I was struggling with. Jackie helped me impress these new and empowering beliefs in my mind.

With Jackie’s facilitation, I am calmer and have more clarity. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I feel free. I feel light. I feel unstoppable. I feel like a new and improved version of the Heather of several years ago. Hypnotherapy definitely added to the other things I had been doing to create change in my life. It works at a completely different level and has added immensely to my healing and my life!

I am so grateful for the help Jackie gave me … I can now create the fun, fascinating life I deserve!

Heather L, Alberta, Canada. 2018

Down 20 lbs. and able to forgive..

Hi Jackie… I just wanted to message you to let you know how great things have been going for me. Over the last six months my life has been amazing!

I am currently almost 20 lbs. down from when I had my first visit with you.

After our sessions I did some acupuncture for knee pain and then some lomi lomi massage for relaxation and I can’t even explain how great I feeL. It truly is amazing! I am not the same person. I have been able to forgive, to let go of things that don’t serve me, to eliminate the toxic feelings and most of all I have learned to love myself.

I was listening to music the other day and it was amazing… It was like I had never heard the music before and it made me cry! I just want to thank you for being part of the journey I have been on.

Others have noticed the difference in me and I have happily told others of the sessions I had done with you. I want to thank you for your gift you have and for being instrumental part of where I am today. Many blessings to you..

Susan N.


Testimonial - Jamie Fransen

Jamie Fransen, Langley, BC, 2018


I met with Jackie in early February 2014 to discuss hynotherapy & if it could work on someone with dental anxiety. I also had fear of flight take-off, fear of high places & edges(cliffs). Recently (Mar.2-10) my husband & I flew to & from Kauai without me having palpitations during take-off. It didn’t dawn on me until after we were up in the air!

A bonus for me is listening to Jackie’s “Relaxing Your Soul Within” CD. It helps me relax when I feel anxious.



I have just had one of the most amazing and clarifying experiences of my life. I had the opportunity to have a hypnotist appointment with Jackie Maclean.

I had not been hypnotized before but I had some blocks in my subconscious that I had never found a way to get past. Jackie’s warm and professional service was exactly what I needed. She was simply amazing in her ability to get to the core of the block and help move them aside so that I can move forward.

I am so impressed with Jackie and her service and I would highly recommend her and have, to all my friends and co workers.

Gloria Farrell, Business Owner

Smoke FREE for Four years..!

Hi Jackie, My name is Tom Keith. I thought I’d let you know that my fourth anniversary as a non smoker occurs at the end of this month. Honestly, I can’t believe how stress free the experience has been. Not once have I even felt like smoking again, even though I have been in many of the “trigger” situations that were always my downfall in my previous unaided attempts at stopping.

Tom Keith, Langley, BC, 2007

Quit Smoking in ONE session..

Hi Jackie! I am writing you today because I am going away for the weekend and I am leaving very early tomorrow morning. This last week has been amazing! I can’t believe how much energy I have and it’s so nice to smell, well, nice for a change! The first 3 days were a little hard, my body was going through the physical withdrawal, thank you for the advice on breathing away the cravings, it works very well. Now that it has been a week, the cravings are not there, I just get these weird feelings sometimes at certain times of the day or when I am doing certain things. I am able to realize that at that moment I would usually be smoking and then I can easily breath it away. I have taken your advice and I have joined the yoga studio, Evolution. I did my first hot yoga class the other night, I thought I might die, but man was it worth it! I felt so good after the class was over, sore, but good! I plan on doing at least 3 yoga classes a week, now that I have all this energy I’m sure it will be easy to do. I look forward to see how things will shape up for me into my second week of being smoke free. Until then, have a great week!

Laura R

Received benefit from ‘Change your Thoughts..Change your Life’ Workshop:

Hi Jackie, I enjoyed your workshop very much and have been practicing the breathing everyday and have tried the self hypnosis four times before going to sleep at night. I have found that I am sleeping better and am feeling more rested when I wake up in the mornings, although I feel I still have quite a ways to go so that I can make it through the whole night without waking up.

I won’t be able to attend the complimentary session because I am scheduled for surgery on Thursday and will be in the hospital for at least a week followed by five weeks of recovery time.

I believe your workshop came at a very good time in my life as the teachings will help me get through the next few weeks. I didn’t know I was going to require surgery when I registered for your class.

Thank you for a very interesting and helpful evening.


Single mum, after years of struggle, set on right path..

Hi Jackie!

I hope you had a wonderful vacation in Mexico! I’ve never been better, I’ve started my spiritual journey and I am able to engage in self-hypnosis very easy! Thanks again for everything :) you set me on the right path towards healing and peace.


Enjoying being smoke free..

Hi Jackie,

It has been officially one month since I came in for my treatment and I have not had a single smoke. I have been exercising every day and eating very healthy meals. I am extremely happy with my results. I admit the first 4 days were a little tough. There were cravings for those days but it didn’t matter if the cravings came because right away I had thought about lung cancer and heart disease if I wanted to have a smoke. I did my best to get the nicotine out my system as soon as I could. So I slept a little bit more for the first four days, I also exercised and went to the sauna. Before when I would smoke every drag I took from my cigarette made me more and more depressed. Now every breath I take makes me happier and happier. I recommend reading on the benefits of hypnosis and how it works before coming in and with an attitude believing that you will be a changed person after the session. Thank you so much,

PK Surrey, BC June 2012

Quit in ONE session..

Hello Jackie,

Just a quick note to let you know I am still smoke free. There has been a couple times when it was pretty touch and go but i have managed to stay clean. Breathing techniques are quite helpful. Talk to you next week.

B. Tomlinson

Positive Shifts after ONE session!!

Hi, Just thought I would update you on how I am doing. The day after our session. I had amazing revelations about my life and how I was going to work with it. Even people who see me every week said how amazing and sparkling I was!

I drank the Calli tea for the week..but it actually made me feel really sick by the end of the week. Not sure why. My eating is better and I notice I don’t crave junk food as I did before. I crave healthy alternatives far more!

Anxiety…it is about 50% better..but that is great!

My moms birthday just passed and I was fine with it….meaning it didn’t make me cry and miss her like before. It made me more happy to have the times I did have with her. I have had a huge shift regarding that.

The biggest change I have noticed is that I stand up for myself all the time now! I dont’ take any bs…lol. I say what I want and what I mean all the time! It is fantastic!!

I still think I need more work..but have to wait to find money!

I do the deep breathing morning and evening work daily. I find it very helpful.

One weird shift is that I can’t fall asleep at night….and tend to sleep in. Where before I had a hard time sleeping..now I sleep but not until about 3am…

Just wanted to say thank you and I hope to be able to come back soon to do it again.

I have found out I have a repressed memory about an attack that took place when I was in about grade 6 or 7. I thought it was a dream but I found out that it did happen..but I can’t bring back all the memories from it. Not sure if it was something I made up as a child or if it really happened.

Karen P


Testimonial - Sandy M

Sandy M

5 months since the day I last lit up and about the same since I last had a migraine!

“Five months ago, on January 9, 2008, I would have scoffed at the idea of giving up smoking, especially through hypnotherapy. I’ve enjoyed this vice for 34 years despite being plagued with migraines, poor appetite, fatigue and weight loss that comes with smoking a pack a day. Not even the gruesome visuals sent by friends and family in the hope that I quit this addiction could make me attempt quitting. And sadly enough, not even the pleas of my children.

I really cannot fathom how I finally agreed to a session of hypnotherapy with Jackie. I have to say I did have great doubts about its lasting success. These have now been truly dispelled. It is close to five months since the day I last lit up. And about the same since I last had a migraine!! And for me that’s the best reason never to go back.

My employer and his father who also are long time smokers have seen living proof of the success of your hypnotherapy session with me. Initially they just laughed when I told them I had quit smoking and were very sure I would get back to it in a few days. Ali, my boss, would even light up and offer me a cigarette to tempt me. Sheepishly, a few days ago both of them – my employer and his father – have enquired about your next visit to India. One of the company’s senior Executives lives in Singapore and commutes to India occasionally. She is a chain smoker and has tried just about everything including ‘patches’. She is willing to fly down from Singapore to Mumbai, India, for her session.

If this is Okay with you, and when you confirm your travel plans, I am happy to arrange presentations at two different Rotary Groups (service organizations) – I know that there are many others who will benefit from your ‘Quit smoking in ONE session’ hypnotherapy program.

God truly works in mysterious ways!!

Thanks a million times over my darling Jack for just making me believe in myself.”

Merlin Peters, Mumbai, India. May 2008


Testimonial - Rob R

Rob R, Langley, BC, Canada, 2018

Smoked 1 Pack a Day for 34 Years!
There was no anxiety, no overeating, it didn’t change my routine at all!!

“Quitting smoking has always been a tough challenge for me. Many, or should I say all the options available to aid me in stopping have been tried, without success. A friend of mine told me about a seminar that Jackie was having about hypnotherapy so I went and found it very interesting. Something Jackie had said was that if you are ready to quit than hypnotherapy will be successful.

The next day I knew that I could always find a reason to put it off, it was time to just do it so I made an appointment. When the appointment was over so was my urge to smoke. Every time I thought of a smoke, I took your advice, drank water and it was gone. There was no anxiety, no overeating, it didn’t change my routine at all. It was unbelievably easy. I just stopped and one of the best parts was after a week I had lost 2 pounds because I was drinking so much water. Thank you Jackie this has been a wonderful experience.

Thank you x 100!”

1 week later…

“Dear Jackie, I must tell you how much I have appreciated your warmth and kindness towards me. You have done much more then help me quit smoking. I feel terrific, centered and peaceful. Shortly after our session, I had the courage and made the decision to buy out my business partner’s share of our café. It’s pretty exiting and scary all wrapped up in one. You helped me find the strength in myself to go after what I wanted. You are a wonderful person and I’m grateful that you came into my life. I wish you and your family all the best life has to offer. Thank You from the bottom of my heart. Thanks a bunch. You are one amazing lady!!!!”

Jane Romp, Vancouver - Smoker: 1 pack a day for 34 years


Testimonial - Corinne Harten

Corinne Harten, United Kingdom, September 2018

Haven’t Smoked for 3 Years… After Only 1 Session!

“My name is Karen Martin and I can’t thank Jackie enough for helping me to quit smoking. Hypnotherapy is so easy, relaxing, painless and totally successful.

I went to Jackie not really sure what to expect having never done hypnosis before. I was at the point where I would try anything, having been unsuccessful with other methods of quitting smoking. I smoked a pack or more a day for years.

During the session I was totally aware of everything that was happening around me while listening to Jackie and found it all extremely relaxing. I must admit I left still feeling a little doubtful even as Jackie was congratulating me for being a non smoker as I was walking out the door. Silently my husband kept waiting for me to light up in the car on the way home, to be honest I never even thought about it. I kept what was left of my pack in my purse “just in case” but never touched one.

I am truly amazed at how easy and painless this was for me, I had no mood swings or withdrawals of any kind. It is now six months for me and I still can’t believe it. The part I like the best is that it’s instant results (one session) without taking medication or drugs of any kind and I feel so good.

I took my girlfriend last week to see Jackie and she hasn’t smoked since and can’t believe how easy and painless it is for her.

If you are truly ready to quit smoking, I can’t recommend hypnotherapy with Jackie enough, you will honestly be amazed at the results."

Karen Martin, Vancouver


Testimonial - Rettie

Rettie, Realtor, Vancouver, Canada

My Financial Goals Have Been Met and I Use Your Anchor Often For Motivation!

“When it comes to the power of the mind Jackie Maclean certainly knows! This non will power approach to therapy using Hypnosis is by far one of the best I have used. Having a background in the holistic field I had never tried a certified Hypnotherapist. Needless to say if I would have visited her years ago my life would be very different. I went to Jackie to raise my financial consciousness, motivation and to break some old thought patterns. To be honest I thought hypnosis was different to what I experienced. I was aware and she guided me on an adventure to reconstruct how I think and FEEL. Really these words will never replace the results I have received. Well Jackie Maclean, thank you so much for your therapy, in a small period of time my financial goals have been met and I use your anchor often for motivation.

I look forward to our next session."

Odin T. Zavier, Vancouver


Testimonial - Shane Brooker

Shane Brooker, Vancouver, Canada, 2018

I Have Been Able To Confront the Negative Influences of Abuse

“Hypnotherapy, or therapy of the mind, helps smooth out the wrinkles of stress and anxiety that the environment exerts on our body and psyche. With Jackie’s help, I have been able to confront the negative influences of physical and sexual abuse and release the knots of anguish and pain that had been suppressing me from youth.”

A.C., Langley

I Passed My Exams With Honours After Just 1 Session!
Jackie Has Been Instrumental in the Success of My Career!!

“I was taking two of my most difficult courses leading towards a very important designation in my profession. In anticipation of the exams I became so stressed that I was losing my ability to study properly. I was moving toward panic mode. I had one session with Jackie and have to admit that I was a tad skeptical although I had achieved other successes with hypnotherapy previously. I was amazed at how the stress, pressure was gone and I was able to concentrate on the task at hand. The best part of my story was that not only did I pass my exams but did so with honours in one session. I highly recommend Jackie, she has been instrumental in the success of my career.”

Brenda Erickson, CIP, CAIB, Langley

Lost 30 Pounds and Recovered From a Personal Crisis!

During a personal crisis in April, 2008, I had planned to contact Jackie to find out what her hypnosis was about and if it may help. I have tried conventional counselling in the past and didn’t feel it helped in the way that was needed at this time. Coincidentally, I ended up sitting at Jackie’s table during an Awards Night in Langley and felt her warm energy. I then made an appointment for some hypnotherapy.

Wow! It was amazing!! The sessions with Jackie were truly profound, comforting and enlightening experiences as well as life-changing. Jackie’s calm, loving nature makes her very approachable and sensitive to people’s needs.

Not only did the hypnotherapy sessions with Jackie help me overcome and find peace with anger and relationships, it also helped me to lose 30 pounds and to keep it off. Jackie also taught me self-hypnosis and breathing techniques so whenever I need to work through life’s day-to-day challenges and issues, relax from any stress, or simply to have a good night’s sleep, I can easily do this.

My life has been a metamorphosis ever since meeting Jackie and after the sessions, my spiritual energy was so vibrant and positive, that I met and married my soul mate! I couldn’t believe it!!

Furthermore, I recently experienced another personal crisis with a job loss. The positive teachings Jackie provided, helped me to recover very quickly from the pain and anger, and to spring back with amazing positive energy and happiness. I feel revitalized, renewed and able to clearly see that I am now free from a toxic work environment that was keeping my soul suppressed and stifled. I had lost my authentic self there. I didn’t realize this had happened to me for so many years at that job. It is an exciting transformation and I feel a spiritual rebirth has happened, thanks to Jackie.

She has the right balance of empathy and training to guide anyone through these wonderful sessions. As a result of her guidance, my life has been beautifully enhanced and I highly encourage anyone seeking to find inner peace, balance, or to overcome any personal challenge, to seek hypnotherapy. There is no comparison between this and conventional counselling, as they are different.

Thank you, Jackie! I am eternally grateful.

Suraya Jan, Langley


Hi Jackie,

I wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I am doing great & Tobacco free! The session was truly an amazing and enlightening experience — thank you so much! I hope to venture and perhaps try another course or two in due course. Take care Jackie. All the best.

Jag, Vancouver

Completely Stopped Pulling My Hair!

Hello Jackie :)

I just wanted to email you and let you know how amazing you are. I have never felt so good about myself. It’s amazing. I honestly never thought I would see the day where I would be free of my problem. You are a miracle. I am so happy that you took the time to hypnotize me. I never thought I could do this!

It has been well over a month, well its been a month and 16 days and I have not had a single urge to pull my hair. I put off writing the last journal entry because it didn’t feel real to me ! It was just so hard for me to believe that this was happening to me. It’s upsetting because this is all put behind me and I wont see you, or go back which is upsetting because those sessions with you were the most relaxing amazing times as far back as I can remember :) well I just want to thank you so much.

As of right now, I have a good inch and a half of new hair on my head :) and I also have lightened my hair to a light brown! Well, I would love to show you a couple pictures of me. I would really love to come and see you sometime just to show you what you and I have accomplished. I want to wait a bit thought because I would love to show you as soon as you can see a bigger difference. Thank you so much Jackie :) I’ll talk to you later, and I would love to keep in touch with you. Thank you so much Jackie!

Best wishes,

Kristina R, Langley


Testimonial - Heather L

Heather L, Alberta, Canada, 2018

Young mother of 2 hitting the bottle every night.
Here’s what she says (unedited) after ONE session!

  1. I mentally feel better knowing that I have taken the right steps in helping myself. (signing up for your program).
  2. I have made an effort to participate in physical activities on my own instead of waiting to do things with the kids.
  3. My husband and I have been talking a lot more about both of our personal problems and supporting each other.
  4. I don’t feel guilt or shame in the morning when I wake up.
  5. I have signed up for a writing workshop and am very excited about it.
  6. I realize that I have choices and that the power to make the correct choice is within me.
  7. I have drastically cut back in drinking alcohol.

Thank you Jackie!

Heather L, Alberta, Canada, 2018

Achieved New Goal After 1 Session!

GOAL: To drink more water

Hi Jackie,

Here is a little bit of feedback regarding the changes I experience following the hypnosis session I had with you.

  • I do self hypnosis twice a day.
  • I do the gratitude exercise – I am building it into my routine of daily affirmations
  • I am not too sure when the 8 rounds of Pikko pikko are and 8 rounds of alternate nostril breathing are supposed to be done. I do them in preparation for my auto-hypnosis sessions. Is that ok? Should I do this 8 times a day? Is this what 8 rounds mean?

Changes: I drink 5 glasses of water per day without an effort, maybe more. This is the first thing I do when I get up in the morning, and I enjoy it. I also take one before going to bed at night.

I also drink Rooibos tea (antioxidant). Not as powerful as Calli for elimination (gee this tea you gave me flushed me – I lost 3 pounds and then gained one back) but Rooibos is a very good tea. In restaurants, I ask for hot water and I have a lot: I am very satisfied with this.


  • A lot of satisfaction about myself
  • Lost a little bit of weight
  • Better complexion

Interesting find: in the morning I check my sugar level as my husband is diabetic and has the device to do this. I am considered border line, since my sugar is consistently above 6.0 (6.0 to 6.4) but does not get to 7.0 (which is considered diabetic). Well my sugar has been 5.5, 5.7 after the hypnosis. Water dilutes my sugar!! I will see if this change maintains, but if it does, there would be a real longevity impact to this. Amazing!

I gave your name as a reference to 4 people since then: I hope you will get some new business from some of them. I will continue talking about you.

Thank you for making your skills available to me and for applying your knowledge with all your being in such a gentle manner. I am grateful for the gift of having found you on my way.

Janon Hamel, Life and Business Coach, Supporting Your Transitions – Vancouver


Testimonial - Brad L

Brad L, Langley, BC, Canada. 2019


Testimonial - Tiffany

Tiffany, United States, 2018

Smoked Cigarettes for 30+ Years… FREE IN ONE SESSION!

Hi Jackie,

I would love to attend your seminar on Self Hypnosis but am leaving for the winter in ten sleeps!

Have told everyone I know about you and through all the stress and heartache here (of moving and having to deal with difficult tenants!), still cannot believe I am NOT SMOKING!!!!

Please feel free to use me as a recommendation.

Still feel sorry for people who I see smoking and am greatly offended by the smell. (Thanks to your subconsious suggestion. That is so cool.)

I just feel so happy and proud that you helped me before the most difficult time and I have not faltered in any way.

I know that I will “never inhale a tobacco product again.”

I found a winter fleece that I had not seen in a couple of years that I wore when the weather was really nasty here. In the pocket was a pack of cigarettes that had not been opened. It was not difficult to show my hubby and then promptly throw it in the garbage can!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Jackie.

Will keep in touch after our return from Costa Rica.

Would love to attend seminar.

All is good.

Fran Vandenberg, Langley

58 year old male in last stages of Cancer – was given weeks to live. Sister requested me to teach him Self Hypnosis for restful sleep and relief from pain. He passed on 9 days after his session with me.

Here’s what his sister writes (unedited) two days after Randy passed on.

Hi Jackie,

Randy passed away at home on Tuesday at 1:15 pm. He suffered briefly for a day or 2, and then said “I’m out-of-here” He listened to your music (meditation CD) shortly before he crossed over, and when his room mate showed him the CD before it was put on, we got Randy’s last smile.

Thank you again for bringing such peace to my brother the last few weeks of his life. I’m working on getting his friend/room mate to be open to the way he could change his life by seeing you for a session.

You’ll be hearing from me some time soon too, after the worst of the dust has settled.

EB, Langley


Testimonial - Ken B

Ken B, Scientist, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 2016


Testimonial - Jules Wang

Jules Wang, Langley, BC, June 2018


Testimonial - Leslie Kemp

Leslie Kemp, Langley, BC, Canada, May 2018