Shifting with the Tide…deliberately

Our lives are constantly in motion energetically so naturally, change is a constant element of our existence.

Energy is dynamic, yet, it is not random in nature—the shifts in energy that are constantly happening are the result of our choices. The formulation of intention, a change in perspective, or the creation of a goal can transform our lives in a flash. We think positive thoughts and the world becomes a brighter place. With each passing moment, we are given numerous opportunities to create change using nothing more than our awareness.

In the span of a single second, our lives can change immeasurably because energy moves at a pace more rapid than anything we can consciously fathom. Though we may not at first be sensitive to the vibrational shifts taking place, our choices are ultimately at the heart of these transformations. We can typically recognize the consequences of key decisions because we anticipate the resultant energetic shifts.  Many of the choices we make daily are a product of instantaneous reactions, and these still have a significant impact on the energy of our existence. That’s why it is so important we learn to control these shifts. If we bear in mind that all we think and all we do will shape the existence we know, we can deliberately direct the energetic motion of our lives.

Each day, you make an infinite array of decisions that cause energy shifts in the world around you. In many cases, these transitions are almost imperceptible, while in others the change that takes place is palpable not only to you but also to those in your sphere of influence. Your awareness of the immediate energetic consequences of your thoughts and actions can guide you as you endeavour to make the most of the autonomy that defines you as an individual. The myriad choices you make from moment to moment, however inconsequential they may seem, represent your personal power, which sanctions you to transform the energetic tide of your existence with nothing more than your will.

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