Self Hypnosis to break the Nail Biting habit

Nail biting, is related to skin picking and hair pulling.  Skin picking, hair pulling and nail biting are labeled as Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD). Nail biters often keep their hands hidden behind their backs.  Nail biters often feel social embarrassment and experience ‘out of control’ feeling at times.  At times they may wonder why they can’t stop and they also question whether or not they are crazy.

Biting usually happens when people are in one of two modes.  Some people do it in an automatic way, as if they are in some kind of altered state and not really thinking about what they are doing.  Usually, they are immersed in some other activity at the same time such as watching TV or working on the computer, etc.  For others, their main activity at the time is the actual picking or biting and they will frequently interrupt their other activities to engage in it.

There is a strong commonality in the various purposes behind hair pulling, skin picking and nail biting.  At the most basic level, these symptoms satisfy an urge.  Many people report an uncontrollable feeling of needing to them.  Pulling, picking or biting also seems to deliver a pleasurable or relaxed sensation.

When sufferers feel stressed, pulling, picking or biting has a kind of soothing effect on their nervous systems, and reduces levels of stimulation.  On the other hand, when they are bored or inactive, they seem to provide a needed level of stimulation to the nervous system.  This may account for why so many people who have these habits find it so hard to stop.  It simply ‘feels good’ at the time, no matter what the outcomes are.

Even if you suffer from more than one of these habits, please remember it’s OK.  These symptoms CAN be overcome if you have the motivation.  More important is learning to ‘de-stigmatize’ yourself.  If you tell yourself you are crazy, helpless, morally weak or totally out of control, even though you may feel like you are at times.  Once you become aware of the fact that you are just a person who simply happens to have a problem, you can make serious progress.

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