Opening lines of communication

Do you find yourself being pulled in different directions by your emotions today?   Perhaps you may want to connect more deeply with others, while at the same time feel uncertain about how your affection will be received. This could cause you to pull back and resist making commitments.

It may be helpful to gain a clearer idea of what you are feeling and determine which actions would bring about the result you desire. You can also think about ways to open the lines of communication with others and share your feelings in more tangible ways.

We can develop a greater sense of intimacy in our relationships by making an effort to share our feelings in clearer ways. Any feelings of ambiguity we have toward our relationships can be a wonderful indicator that it is time to see where our relationships stand.

By opening the lines of communication and sharing our thoughts and feelings with others, we give them the motivation to do the same. Their reactions will usually reveal the depth of their feelings as well as their vision for the relationship. We can then foster the intimacy we desire and take our relationships in the direction that they are meant to go. By exploring the source of your feelings and desires, you can calm your emotions and create more meaningful communication in your relationships today.

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