Is your teen safe with E Cigarettes?

The American Lung Association states that adolescents (12-17 years old) who reported having smoked in the past thirty days were three times as likely to use alcohol, eight times as likely to smoke marijuana, and twenty-two times as likely to use cocaine, within that time period than adolescents who have not smoked tobacco in the past thirty days.

E Cigarette are classified as a “gateway” drug and therefore adolescent smokers are more likely to begin drinking alcohol and using illicit drug than non-smoking adolescents. While smoking tobacco the smoker will feel a “high” such as a tingly feeling, feeling light headed, and/or feeling more relaxed. This “high” does not last for long and as the smoker becomes addicted they are smoking so much that they do not feel any pleasure in smoking.

Now we know why E Cigarettes leads to the adolescent drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana, using cocaine, and other illicit drugs.

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