HYPNOTHERAPY – Clinical Applications

There has been growing interest in the medical application of hypnotherapy. Here are some examples of how it can be useful in the clinical setting:

Clients in an Intensive Care setting can benefit with deeper more quality rest speeding up their recovery process. Cardiac clients are better able to balance their blood pressure, regulate their breathing and heart rate. Secretions, bleeding and tolerating procedures can be managed more effectively with hypnotherapy.

It helps Oncology clients to reduce stress and anxiety, altering sensory perception to minimize pain, relieves nausea, vomiting, respiratory distress and even preventing hair loss. In addition, it can offer increased confidence, self-image and to more easily accept the restrictions of a chronic condition, or to even help manage end of life transition.

In the Pediatric setting hypnotherapy can be very helpful. Children have amazing imaginations. What better gift to offer a frightened child than improved control during a time of crisis. What a tremendous advantage it is to be able to melt away fear and explain procedures and treatments in identifiable terms when the child is relaxed, comfortable and able to learn and succeed.

Clients in the Obstetric or Gynecology settings can benefit in the areas of increased fertility, minimizing blood loss, relieving heartburn related to pregnancy, lessening back pain, premenstrual syndrome and supporting a comfortable natural child birth.

Pre-Surgical clients are able to reduce anxiety and stress. Hypnotherapy reduces bleeding, promotes rapid healing with an improved immune response and also helps manage post-op pain and nausea requiring less medication and the side effects that go with it. It can also distort time so the process of pre and post surgery goes by quickly. It can give the surgical client control during a time of vulnerability.

Hypnotherapy helps Internal Medicine clients by improving immune response, diminishing inflammation, relieving tension and migraine headaches. It is also helpful for weight loss, arthritis, anorexia nervosa, gastrointestinal disorders and stress related issues.

It can support Mental Health clients by relieving stress, anxiety, depression, fears, phobias and addictions. It puts the client in control and they have the opportunity to play an active role in their own recovery, which adds to an increased sense fulfillment ensuring long term success.

Hypnotherapy helps Dentistry clients with pain, anticipatory anxiety, distorting time perception speeding up the procedure, minimizes bleeding, excessive salivation and gagging.

If you would like assistance in this area, please contact Clinical Hypnotherapist, Jackie Maclean in the Langley & Vancouver areas of British Columbia, Canada or visit www.thepowerwithin.ca.