How Do You Tune In To Your Emotional Radio Station?

I teach my clients to listen to their do the ‘tummy test’.  Unfortunately, we haven’t been taught to do this – our culture, our society does not teach us to listen to our emotions.  In fact, we do just the opposite.

Brandon Bays said as soon as we become aware of an uneasy emotion, we want to tune out of it. And we use anything this world offers to tune out.

Unfortunately, as we tune out we tune into dis-ease. If you are in a hurry then write this decree down and read it aloud once a day. I believe it can help you to tune into health when you listen to your emotions.

Debbie Ford:

Emotions can be trusted
Emotions are good
Emotions are safe
Emotions can take you somewhere
Emotions are beneficial

As I said: We tune out of our emotional radio stations. As soon as we feel the emotion becoming louder….we try to escape and we turn the volume down or we tune into another station.

How do we tune out?

We open the fridge and eat, a few minutes later we open the fridge and eat again..

We go on Facebook and a few minutes later we are at Facebook again and again….

We have a glass or wine or two and another and another …

We take a pill for this and that and soon we become ……??

We watch a movie and then another..

We have sex and more sex…

We go to the doctor and he takes out organs or give us pills that tune us out..

Ever noticed that the tune-outs are all external escapes?  Of course it’s absolutely OK to be enjoying that glass of wine every so often.  It becomes a problem though, when we wake up one evening and find we can’t live without it!

What really surprises me is when we get dis-eased; overweight, sick, or whatever, and we cannot believe it. “How can this happen to me.” It’s then when we feel dis-ease, we seek solutions in quick diets and in medical doctors. We go from one to the other elaborate escape.

What is the solution?

The solution is not external. The solution is within. Each of us has our power within – all we need to do is tune in and tap into it.

So how do we tune in?

We become quiet and listen.. We feel, taste, smell and hear; we work at being aware and sensitive or conscious in the moment.

I recommend spending at least 3-5 minutes daily, first thing in the morning just listening to the breath.  The In breath and the Out breath.

Just focus and…listen.

You allow your Internal Radio Station guide you..

Does it work? You won’t know unless you give it a go ahead, do that – just give it a try.

Also, go ahead, dump the diet and work on the under lying emotion causing you to open and stuff your mouth.

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