Does Law of Attraction work for romantic relationship?

Two of my current clients are struggling with their romantic relationships. Both women have left and both of my male clients are struggling to understand why! I saw this and thought of them and also thinking of the millions of people who go through so much pain in their relationships, romantic or otherwise.
The Thoughts I Think Determine the Relationship I Attract… You are the thinking, Vibrating attractor of your experience; and the thoughts you think determine everything about the life that you live. As you turn your attention toward the positive aspects of the personalities and behaviors of others with whom you share your planet, you will train your point of attraction in the direction of only what you desire. Not only does the power of your thought determine which people make their way into your life, but the power of your thought determines how they behave once they get there.


Excerpted from the book: The Vortex on August 31, 2009

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