Do you feel disconnected to those you love?

Healing Our Mirrors

Are you feeling disconnected or distant from those you love?  If yes, you could be trying to analyze this sense of emptiness in your relationships or judging others for pulling away from you.

If this is the case, it might be helpful to spend some time alone and explore these feelings.

You may find that your sense of disconnection is related to something that you are feeling inside you such as fear or an emotional block. You may even be the one pulling away from someone and projecting that action onto them.

Exploring these possibilities could help you see how the universe often uses people to mirror to us, our own fears so that we can resolve them.

By understanding that we usually create our own sense of separation and disconnection from others, we can learn to release our fear of being abandoned. When we begin to feel that our loved ones are pulling away and distancing themselves emotionally from us, we can choose to explore how we may be causing this separation.

If we discover that we are the ones who have been pulling back emotionally or pushing our loved ones away, we can take action to resolve the situation. The more we work on resolving our fears about being left by another, the stronger our connection to others will grow.

You can heal and strengthen your connections with loved ones today by taking a look inside yourself and exploring your own feelings.

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