Control your drinking habit with EFT

Alcohol abuse especially binge drinking is a huge problem in our society, also many children have problems with alcohol.

Alcohol addiction is a life threatening addiction. If you are suffering from alcoholism EFT can help to control your cravings and address the root cause.

Alcohol is not your identity. Calling yourself an alcoholic keeps you an alcoholic. Become the person you want to be. What are the causes of your alcohol abuse. Did you start drinking because of stress at work, relationship failure or because you were depressed.

If you have problem controlling your drinking habit, then try EFT. Here you’ll find a list of phrases to tap on in controlling your drinking habit.

  • I adore the taste of a cool beer
  • I daily need a chilled glass of white wine
  • I only drink for social reasons.
  • I will have no friends if I don’t drink
  • I don’t know where this alcoholism came from
  • I have this alcohol addiction
  • I really want a drink
  • I feel I must have a drink
  • I just need a drink to feel better
  • All my friends drink alcohol
  • I associate drinking with good times,
  • I want to quit or drink less but don’t know how
  • I can stop drinking anytime
  • I can’t refuse that drink
  • I can’t believe I will never drink alcohol again
  • I don’t have a strong desire to stop drinking
  • I can’t stop drinking because I have a lot of stress
  • I don’t believe EFT can help me to stop drinking
  • When I don’t drink alcohol I feel antisocial
  • I need to have alcohol in my house
  • I feel at ease when I have a drink
  • I drink to forget my problems
  • I like to get drunk
  • When I drink
  • I have more self confidence when I drink
  • People like me more when I drink

Give it a try and let me know what you think…

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