Clutter is just another way to sabotage our dreams.

Yes, we have too much stuff – paper, mementos, hand-me-downs, heirlooms, and things we just HAD to have or can’t bear to part with! If this is you, then think about how many times you’ve thought.

I’ll have time to pursue that dream once I get this place organized.

I’ll start this weekend and go through all this paper until it’s done, then
I will have more time for my goals.

I can’t ever get this organized and I can’t start anything else until I do.

Clutter is the physical manifestation of SELF-SABOTAGE! Yes, those insidious thoughts that we have about not being good enough, not being capable, smart enough, talented enough, deserving or worthy enough to achieve success and experience joy, fulfillment, and love manifest as clutter and disorganization.

We know we WANT to be organized. We imagine that our life will be so much easier and fulfilling when we finally get organized. However, we don’t know HOW to make this happen. Most people want to set aside an entire weekend or even a month to once and for all ‘get organized’.  This method may be successful for some, although I don’t know anyone that it’s worked for personally.

The folks I know that say, “I have to do it all at once and I need an entire week” will say this for years and years before finding that magic week. And, even if we DO make that kind of time, we go right back to our pack-rat, disorganized habits and within two weeks we notice the piles beginning to stack up again. Very quickly, we NEED another magic week!

In an ideal world, having a substantial amount of time all at once to de-clutter or get organized would be perfect.  However, if that’s not happening, then I say we have to be willing to do it perfectly imperfect. From my perspective, there’s an integrated approach that can once and for all defeat the clutter demon and allow YOU to start pursuing your dreams now.

1) Chunk it down and slowly but persistently organize daily. 15 minutes a day will do it!

2) Make peace with what is, let it go, and at times, step over the clutter with graceful self-love.

While I’m an ardent advocate of creating a supportive environment,  including being organized and clutter-free, I also know  that all automatic behaviors have an underlying positive intent.
By recognizing and acknowledging that positive intent, we can better negotiate what’s going to motivate us to do what must be one.

We are addicted to being disorganized because we feel that when we make time for organizing something else has to be sacrificed. We may know we need and want to de-clutter and get organized, but in this moment it feels better to take a nap, make a call to a friend, attend to our loved ones, or simply do something else that has a greater, more obvious ROI (return on investment.) Can you see the
positive short-term intent behind procrastinating? If today I spend time organizing, I don’t get to play with my children, connect with friends, make that business call, etc.

However, we also know that when we allow the piles to go unchecked, we are sacrificing our long-term success and comfort for short-term needs. We want to consider HOW we are going to re-negotiate these short-term needs. For example, we want to clean up our office but we also need a nap. We may want to get organized but we also want to spend time with our honeys. Thus, when you start to CHUNK it down into ‘organized installments’ it’s easier to say to ourselves, I can afford 15 minutes. This small amount of time will not interfere with my need to attend to my family or other business.

We must learn to make PEACE with what is. Constantly beating up on ourselves for our clutter and mess only serves to postpone our potential fulfillment. Every time we emotionally berate ourselves for being ‘a disorganized failure’ without also setting up a solution for consistent and manageable change, we sabotage our confidence. Sabotaged confidence manifests as missed opportunities, doubts, fears, and the corresponding physical equivalents such as failure, setbacks, and more obstacles.  Yuck!!! Therefore, make a decision to CHOOSE to love and accept yourself in spite of disorganization and clutter. Of course, don’t let ‘peace’ become a reason for apathy and non-action, but love yourself enough to make peace with what is while setting up a consistent routine for courageously doing what must be done (get organized one bite at a time) with zest and enthusiasm.

Here are a couple of affirmations that may help…

– My room/house/office is clean, creatively organized, and stays that way because I stay on top of everything.

– I have a place for everything and everything is in its place.

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