“SLEEPING” Your Way to the Top: 5 Ways HYPNOSIS Can Help You Climb the Corporate Ladder

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The Effects of HYPNOSIS on Anxiety, Depression, Fatigue, and Sleepiness in People Undergoing Hemodialysis:

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Opioid and The Rich and Famous Entrepreneur.

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Earlier this year, journalist Nadia Stewart of Global News mentioned the case of entrepreneur Rachel Degraw of Vancouver, British Columbia.

For nine years Degraw was the very version of a classical entrepreneur.

Unfortunately, she was, in reality, a closet junkie.

Says Degraw, “My addictions came from the pad of a doctor. I became dependent on opioids for back pain, but also for emotional pain.”

Addicts are now not simply those folks who live in ghettos.

It’s a surprisingly yet unfortunate fact that the brand new opiate addicts are increasingly are white collared business women and business men.

You’ll find amongst this list, physicians, dentists, architects, even legal professionals.

Many are wealthy business owners.

Actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman was one of them.

The opioid crisis is in the end being identified as a nation wide emergency.

As of August of 2017, there’s a brand new President’s commission on preventing Drug dependancy and the Opioid crisis, and recently Florida initiated seven day limits on opioid prescriptions that is tightly managed by a new statewide prescription database.

In July, Crains’ said that the “use and misuse” of opioid prescriptions is rising dramatically. Over eleven million opioid prescriptions had been written in Michigan final year. Michigan is a country with only nine.9 million general citizens!

In keeping with a 2016 facilities For sickness and Prevention study, opioid abuse fee employers $16.3 billion at once in decreased productivity and disability, and some other $14 billion billed to non-public fitness insurers.

And the problem persists.

Opioid abusers, even though most effective representing 4.five% of opioid users inside the u.s.a., account for nearly 50% of opioid spending, in line with Castlight fitness of San Francisco. Over a third of employers said that prescription drug dependancy became commonplace among their personnel and over two thirds of employers saw substance abuse as a unexpectedly growing assignment.

Crains’ documents a regular case:

“Hussein Nasser spent hours every day operating on his knees [at his] carpet set up firm Empire flooring. He went domestic every day in ache. His knees ached every day….For alleviation, Nasser became to prescription opioids–first Percocet, then OxyContin. addiction took hold. Nasser’s dependancy peaked to three hundred milligrams of Oxycontin in step with day, a ways better than the average prescription of 20 mg a day.”

In the end Nasser lost it all.

There’s a dentist who had built a thriving dental practice, owning two homes in Brooklyn and using many dentists and guide personnel. He advanced again ache woking on sufferers and, to manipulate the ache, he commenced writing himself prescriptions in better and higher dosages–codeine, dihydrocodeine, percocet, tramadol, methadone, fentanyl, morphine, and oxycodone. To avoid police detection he bought his opioids at pharmacies all over NYC. however, inevitably, he did get caught, resulting in prosecution and bankruptcy.

Jeff Grant, a former attorney, who is now a non-earnings entrepreneur in Connecticut. He founded a business enterprise referred to as Prisonist and is executive Director of family ReEtry.

He is likewise a former opioid addict and can communicate with authority on entrepreneurial struggling, shame, and addiction. He spent 14 months in a federal prison for a financially motivated crime stemming from awful selections made under the dual impact of prescription drugs and economic strain. supply headed a noticeably a hit felony exercise in Westchester County, the big apple. The Greenwich Sentinel reviews supply as announcing, “in the route of rehabilitating an [achilles heel] injury, I got hooked on prescription narcotics. medical doctors were more than glad to preserve to prescribe them to me, and i took them for about ten years.” He progressively misplaced control of his company and subsequently couldn’t meet payroll–at which point he made up the shortfall with the aid of dipping into customer escrow finances. He misplaced his agency, his marriage, his cash, his reputable function inside the community, his freedom.

In prison supply came to apprehend the character of his suffering. I suppose for maximum marketers a lonely suffering is a part of the manner. (constant worry of failure is possibly our finest suffering.) It turns into so smooth to end up addicted to any quantity of factors a good way to go through much less the existential pain of our fears. And this is why the current epidemic of opioid addiction gives especial threat to the entrepreneur who’s tempted to escape her physical or religious misery thru opioids or some other dependancy.

Help is available. Hypnotherapy is one option that has been known to kick this addiction for good.

Are you lucky? Interesting psychological research.

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Are you lucky? Check this out – Interesting psychological research. Read on..
By studying the behaviour and attitude of ‘lucky’ people, psychologist Richard Wiseman found ‘luck’ actually has a clear set of behaviours associated with it:
Here are the 4 things he found about ‘lucky people’:
1. Lucky people notice, create and act upon opportunities. It’s the combination of having a relaxed but inquisitive attitude to life, and being open to new experiences.
2. Lucky people are in touch with their intuition. They don’t ignore gut feelings, and they take time to meditate or use other ways of clearing their minds of unnecessary thoughts.
3. Lucky people expect good fortune. They have a positive attitude, and persist in the face of failure. My point of view is that these so called ‘failures’ are simply our experiences.
4. Lucky people turn bad luck into good luck. Even when something ‘bad’ happens, lucky people are grateful it wasn’t worse and use the situation as a learning experience instead of something to dwell negatively on.
So…back to the question. Are you Lucky? I’d love to know your point of view. And…go ahead and share it with your ‘LUCKY’ friends.

Mindset is weird… Can Hypnosis help?

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Mindset is weird..
To change it, you need outside influences.
Have you ever tried to kick a habit without help?
(Not easy right?)

Now imagine how hard it would be to change something even more ingrained in your brain than a habit…

Something like a core value or a belief.

Those are strong, deep rooted parts of who you are.

And yet they dictate your results.

Left to your own devices, your mind will continue to come to the same conclusions as it always has…

You’ll do the same things over and over, without ever advancing toward your goals…

But then sometimes, you meet someone with a different perspective…

You see things through a new lens…

And it shifts the way you see the world. Heck, sometimes a mindset shift like that changes the way you see the entire universe.

But you can’t manufacture that kind of change on your own.  You have to seek it out.

Are you seeking a more abundant mindset?

If you are, then hypnosis is one of the quickest ways to make a dramatic shift in the direction of true prosperity.

If you’re happy with your mindset then I’d challenge you to get outside of your comfort zone and see how much further you can push yourself.

Unless you honestly believe that life right now is as good as it is ever going to get.

In which case, I urge you to stop reading this right now and just enjoy it.

One never knows how long highs like that will last.

To Your Absolute Awesomeness,