Blue Moon, Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse – a fabulous ending to 2009!

New Year’s Eve, 31st December was quite a rarity! Not only was it the 13th Full Moon of the Year (which apparently only happens every 2.7 years) and it was the second Full Moon in December 2009, it was also a Full Moon on New Year’s Eve, which according to the Space Watch Website, only happens once every 25 years, it was also a Lunar Eclipse.

The triple combination apparently only happens once in every 100 years!

This was a fitting end to 2009 and to the decade that has been termed the “Noughties.”

The Full Moon is traditionally about endings. It is a time to let go of what has happened and to look forward to new and wonderful things.

Here is what Elly Yule of says about the New Moon and I would like to quote some of what she said.

“This is the night to write down your Gratitude List for the past decade, including the not so good stuff which helped us to grow and learn so much. Then write down your wishes and intentions for the year ahead and the next decade. Think and write carefully, as this triple auspicious Moon is very powerful.”

So I decided to do just that. I spent quiet peaceful time to myself, with a large mug of my cleansing Calli tea and did exactly that. I began reviewing the past decade. As I began jotting down the wonderful changes this past year, I realized my wonderful experiences far outweighed the ‘negative’ learnings. The challenges of the last 12 months sort of paled into insignificance. I am back into believing in the magic and miracles of life!

I am excited about writing down the things I would love to experience – there is an ideomotor response that occurs when we make our request, in writing, to the Universe. Go ahead…dream…Say ‘Yes’ to what you would like to have or experience.

I have started on my ‘YES TO’ list with simple things, like:

  • having a clean and tidy house
  • enjoying tasty dinners with my family

And this quickly built up to:

  • Drawing people to me whom I may serve through Hypnotherapy and the Sunrider Whole Foods
  • All of my suppliers being paid on time, preferably in advance of the due date

And right up to:

  • Being a steward for obscene amounts of money and tremendous wealth so I may assist and empower people to be the best they can be.

It has been a thoroughly wonderful experience and it allowed me to start dreaming again and to start allowing wonderful experiences to come into my life.

Suffice to say, 31st December 2009 has marked the end of some huge, long-standing negative stuff and the start of bridges being built to a much better situation.

I would highly recommend you give yourself the gift of quiet and start dreaming today! The energy of the Full Moon is around for a couple of days yet, so there is still time to do them..

Happy 2010..


Jackie Maclean
Clinical Hypnotherapist and
Healthcare Educator specializing in
Regeneration of the Body

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