Are you lucky? Interesting psychological research.

Are you lucky? Check this out – Interesting psychological research. Read on..
By studying the behaviour and attitude of ‘lucky’ people, psychologist Richard Wiseman found ‘luck’ actually has a clear set of behaviours associated with it:
Here are the 4 things he found about ‘lucky people’:
1. Lucky people notice, create and act upon opportunities. It’s the combination of having a relaxed but inquisitive attitude to life, and being open to new experiences.
2. Lucky people are in touch with their intuition. They don’t ignore gut feelings, and they take time to meditate or use other ways of clearing their minds of unnecessary thoughts.
3. Lucky people expect good fortune. They have a positive attitude, and persist in the face of failure. My point of view is that these so called ‘failures’ are simply our experiences.
4. Lucky people turn bad luck into good luck. Even when something ‘bad’ happens, lucky people are grateful it wasn’t worse and use the situation as a learning experience instead of something to dwell negatively on.
So…back to the question. Are you Lucky? I’d love to know your point of view. And…go ahead and share it with your ‘LUCKY’ friends.

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