3 step Formula to realize your goals

Here’s my 3-step formula to realize your goals in the most effective way possible:


Be positively obsessed with what you want.

It’s not enough that you want it, you got to desire it so much that you feel it flowing in your veins, thinking about it every day and night.

You talk about it every opportunity you get and you see it in every situation you’re in.

If you’re not fired up every time you think about it, then you’re not serious enough.

Re-evaluate your goal and make sure that it is your passion, your fire, the very thing that makes your body tingle with life and excitement.


Write down your goals on several small index cards, then stick them in places (wallet, purse, handbag, dashboard, washroom, bedside table, work desk, fridge) where you can see and read your goals daily and often.


Visualize and affirm your goals.

Have a crystal clear mental image of yourself:
•    Already in possession of the thing you desire (driving your ideal vehicle)
•    Doing the very activity you want to do in life (working at your ideal job or career)
•    Being the person you want to be..(at your ideal size and weight)

You must also keep affirming what you want.

If you want to be a singer, say, “I am a professional singer performing in front of a large audience that is so amazed by my performance.”

As you say it, feel the happiness and excitement and see yourself doing exactly the thing you say.

Imagine the audience applauding you after singing a very emotional song.

There’s something else you have to know. It is vital for you to think and say your desires most of the time, but sometimes we get very busy with other tasks.

So it is highly recommended that you engage in imagining, affirming, feeling, and being one with your dream at the most effective times of the day.

Do it 15 minutes before you go to sleep and 15 minutes within the time you wake up. This is very important.

Your subconscious will work on fulfilling your dreams while you sleep.

So before hitting the snooze button,  feed it with clear pictures or images, powerful affirmations and emotions so intense you could experience it right at that very moment.

Do it also 15 minutes within the time you wake up. Your mind is fresh, energized, and focused at this time, so utilize its power to your best advantage.

When you are relaxed, the mind is very receptive to your commands and mental images.

Go to a beach or resort, walk around the park, go sight seeing, or just lie down on a hammock.

Relax and allow yourself to get involved with your dream. Relaxation can also allow you to think of creative ideas to reach your goals and ways to solve your problems.

Enjoy your ideal life!

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