‘Hero’ training.. What’s that?

‘Hero’ training is a simple hypnosis technique to increase self-belief and boost confidence.

Here`s a story to show you how this technique can be used.

A young boy was treated for emetophobia – fear of, in this case, other people vomiting.

It started with his sister being sick and how terrified he’d been witnessing that event.

Now, as the story goes, it was learned that the boy loved Arnold Schwarzenegger movies.

So, during discussions, the young boy was asked about how Arnie would have coped with his sister being sick.  During hypnosis, this little boy got to watch the Austrian muscle man heroically dealing with other people vomiting.   Then, he was made to imagine that he was Arnie and how he was dealing with the situation now that he was Arnie.

He overcame what had been a severe phobia by ‘borrowing’ the traits of his hero and making them his own. It was easier for this little boy to believe in Arnie dealing with other people being sick than it was to imagine himself dealing with it.

Gradually, the cool, calm, collected, decisive actions from his hero were transferred to him.

Are there situations in your life when lack of self-belief holds you back?  This is when you bring your hero to mind.  They could be a world leader, a movie hero, or the guy or gal down the street.

Now close your eyes and strongly imagine them dealing with the situation ‘heroically’.

Now imagine being them for a few moments, experiencing that time in their shoes. Keep doing this until you notice you can start to transfer a sense of their qualities to yourself.

This is a very powerful hypnotic technique and needs to be done correctly!  Enjoy..

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